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Episode 166 • Cycles

On episode 166 of The Pirate Monk Podcast, Nate shares a personal challenge and we take two phone calls from listeners like you.


Show Notes

Aaron shared a quote by his co-pastor at Vintage Community Church.

Humility quote Dayn Mansfield

Nate also said, "Don't go toward isolation to get out of a cycle."

If you feel stuck in a cycle, Nate offers these four ideas:
Tracking your sobriety and serenity. Some groups use chips. Some individuals use a Sobriety Counter app [iOS] [Android] to track their "one day at a time."
Keeping a Gratitude List. Write down everything—big and small—you're thankful to God for.
Service in Obscurity. Nate told the story of a man who picked up trash in the Walmart parking lot as a way to serve without anyone patting him on the back.
Get your butt to a meeting. Find Samson meetings here. Find AA meetings here.

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