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Today Nate and Aaron get Mondo back in the room, have a mini-meeting, and talk to Mondo's friend Ben about his journey into addiction and the path he found back to freedom.

Today Nate and Aaron are taking a slice of the weekend from Eva Tennessee to explore how we can integrate the Gospel into our lives and recovery, specifically and powerfully.  Nate opens up a vulnerable door so that the men can journey with him towards the love of his Abba.  All that is happening today, on the Pirate Monk Podcast.

Today Nate & Aaron chat with Nick Stumbo of Pure Desire ministries about Nick's story and how to understand the difference between arrival mentality and journey mentality in recovery, as we search for deeper maturity and more honest...honesty.

Check out the happenings at Pure Desire Ministries by clicking:


Pull up a chair, start up your lawnmower, or rev up your engine and take a ride with Nate and Aaron as they have a chat with Matt Dobber Dobschuetz, host of Porn Free Radio, on this episode of the Pirate Monk Podcast.

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Music on Today's Podcast: Randy Dandy-O; Radio Nowhere (Bruce Springsteen); White City (Pogues); When I'm Gone (Anna Kendrick)

Today Nate and Aaron talk virtual meetings and follow up on some listener responses to last week's episode.  You get that and a MINI MEETING, and it all happens today, on the Pirate Monk Podcast.


Today's Music:

Dive - Steven Curtis Chapman; Another Day - Steven Delopoulos; Said the Son to the Shine - Earth Suit; Blue Train - John Coltrane


Episode 253 * Kaka Ray

Today, Nate and Aaron sit down with trauma specialist Kaka Ray to learn about how trauma affects addiction and what we can do about it.  Kaka will be a workshop teacher at the upcoming retreat.  To learn more about what she's up to, check out,


Today, we've got it all! Unsolicited book reviews, witty banter, a mini-meeting, and the pièce de résistance, a conversation with BraveHearts Michael Leahy.  He'll be chatting about his exciting new thoughts on how to use technology to put connection, recovery and growth on a steroid regimen that won't get you a 30 game suspension.  We're talking about hacking the system today, on the Pirate Monk Podcast.



We've got a mini-meeting, we've got updates, and we've got our old friend Michael Johnson talking about dating with a bigger picture in mind and guarding your heart in the process.  You might not be dating, but if you've got little kids, trust me, you'll want to think through this stuff.  Log on, stay tuned, plug in, the pirates are on the air.  To connect with Michael and his work, head on over to:



The boys are back in the same state and in the same room catching up...mini-meetings are rolling...and some lads from Texas describe how you can have an amazing retreat with your brothers without any permission from your mommies! It's all happening today, on the Pirate Monk Podcast.

This week Nate and Aaron discuss a blog about Game of Thrones, and read a question from a listener that needs your input.  After that, Nate chats with Noel Bouche of Pure Hope.  To find out more about Pure Hope or to check out Noel's podcast, head on over to:



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