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Nate and Aaron sit down to chat about a book that sent Nate on some interesting journeys and ongoing self-discovery, Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Drinking Alcohol.  You might not get any answers, but we sure hope today's episode raises a couple of questions.

Today, Nate and Aaron talk with Carolyn Weyel about introversion.  What does it mean?  How does shame get attached to it?  And how do those pesky extroverts make everything worse!!!  Whether you are an introvert or just happen to be living on the planet earth, there is something in this conversation for you.

Sit back and get ready for a conversation with Michael Brody-Waite, author of Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts, as he unpacks some of the most important information you might hear about masks during these strange times.  No...not those masks.  To learn more about Michael and stay posted on what he's up to, log on to:


Get ready for a gospelicious conversation with John Lynch.  To hear more of John, head on over to his website and get encouraged.


Nate and Aaron enjoy a great conversation with Michele and Tom Weaver as they explore their experience with "friends" who weren't helpful, betrayal, and hope.  Don't miss this inspiring journey of hope and healing and coming to the table.



Ever wondered what creole cooking, Presbyterians, and Elvis have in common?  Find out today as Nate and Aaron chat with Pastor Ray Cannata of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New Orleans.

Today Nate sits down with Dr. Curt Thompson, author of books such as The Anatomy of the Soul, and The Soul of Shame, and talks about the profound connection between our spiritual formation and amazing neurological creation.  It's all tied together and the answer to every question you've ever had, including this week's winning lottery numbers, will be revealed on today's episode of, the Pirate Monk Podcast.

To check out what Curt is up to or to learn more about his practice, head on over to...


Today Nate and Aaron sit down and chat with author, musician, theologian, Michael Card as he discusses his new book, Inexpressible: Hesed and the Mystery of God's Lovingkindness.  Nate and Aaron also discuss how you can serve other men as a temporary Silas as they plug into the online Samson community.  To get more information on that process, head over to...


and click "Register as an available temporary Silas."  



Get out your pen and paper, Aaron is chatting with a couple of Samson OGs who are deep in the world of music and are passionate about art and how it feeds the soul.  You'll get their recommendations on listening choices and taking some purposeful time to let your heart be filled through the miracle of music.  All that and more on today's episode of the Pirate Monk Podcast.

It's deep, it's heavy, it's important.  Today the boys chat with Karen Ellison about the heart wounds that occur after an abortion for both women and men.  Karen works with the ministry Deeper Still and provides resources and free retreats to help people with tools to find healing for a pain that is often forced underground by our Christian culture.  To check out more information on Deeper Still, go to:


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