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Ep164 • Best of 2015

Listen back to clips from the top three listened to podcast episodes of 2015.

The number three most popular episode of 2015 was #161, "Cross Road" featuring Ken Snyder.

Cross Road by Ken Snyder
Click here to listen to the entire episode #161 "Cross Road."

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In this clip, Ken addresses the spiritual benefits of recovery and how he brings the Gospel into the process. Nate, Aaron, and Newton talk about community and the standards in their recovery program.

The number two most popular episode of 2015 was #153, "The River of Denial" featuring Nate Larkin.

Walking Lessons cover
Click here to listen to the entire episode #153 "The River of Denial"

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In this clip, Nate addresses ten strategies we employ to deny our problems and addictions.

Ten Strategies for Denial

  1. Minimizing
  2. Comparison
  3. Create a Diversion
  4. Distraction
  5. Blaming
  6. Working
  7. Pick Another Area in which to Succeed
  8. Fantasy
  9. False Repentance
  10. Absolute Denial

The most popular episode of 2015 was #159 "Where Do I Go from Here" featuring Greg Oliver and Adam Calvert of Route 1520.

Route 1520 logo 100px

Click here to listen to the entire episode #159, "Where Do I Go from Here?"

In this clip, Greg and Adam discuss the first steps of safety for a man struggling with sex addiction in one of its many forms.

Take the self-inventory discussed in this clip.

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