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Today Nate and Aaron, who is sitting next to a river on his phone, get a check in from Michael Cusick about his upcoming Surfing For God Intensive, and have a conversation with David Hampton about his book, After the Miracle. 

To grab a copy of David's book head over to:


And to find out more about Michael's intensive click:




Today the boys sit down with Lisa Eldred, a staff writer with Covenant Eyes, to chat about her new book Hobbies and Habits. Lisa is passionate about helping folks find joy and life during the walk towards sobriety. If you've felt like your struggle against the flesh has been one big dark hole, this week's episode is for you. 

You can download Lisa's book for free at:


and there are many more books available from covenant eyes, including Lisa's book More Than Single at:



Catch up with the boys as they hang with Mondo, yes he's back, and then have a great conversation with author and all around smart guy Lance Ford. The discussion revolves around the dangers and development of hierarchical business model leadership structures in the western church, and how those models might not be the best way to foster community and the development of the gifts God gave His people. If you are happy sitting on the sidelines and accepting that pastors are the ones who should be in the game, make sure to not listen to this one. Tune in next week for, "I'm ok, You're ok." 


Today Pastor Robbyn Abedi, a coach with Tin Man Ministries, talks with the boys about his story of hope in shame and gives some great insight into learning to be present instead of hiding in life's performance. You might even learn some practical things about masturbation that you were too afraid to ask...not practical "how to's"...but practical...whatever, just listen to the podcast.


Today, the lads sit down with Robert Beeson to talk about single parenting and his new book Going Solo. Robert has created a new format for creating support and community for single parents in your local church. Learn more at soloparentsociety.com.


Today the boys talk with Ben and Ann Wilson who share their inspirational story of hope in betrayal and God's love that fills in all the gaps of shame and guilt.

Grab their book on Kindle for a special limited time price:



Today, Nate & Aaron answer some listener questions and chat about the manly act of being needy.


Join us for a facinating conversation with sexologist and marriage expert Joe Beam, with a special guest answering listerner mail.


Merry Christmas to all aboard the good ship Pirate Monk. Today Nate & Aaron chat about the holidays, have a mini meeting and discuss the stages of their parenting adventures, learning to surrender along the road.


Today Nate & Aaron have a great conversation with author, speaker, missionary, husband and dad Matt Mikalatos. Matt shares his thoughts on the ideas surrounding the "Alpha Male" and tells the touching story behind his latest book, Sky Lantern. Spoiler Alert: His wife was right.

If you want to check out what's happening in the world of Matt Mikalatos or grab a book, check out these links below.


Twitter: twitter.com/mattmikalatos

FB: facebook.com/mikalatosbooks

Sky Lantern post:

The StoryMen podcast: http://www.norvillerogers.com/podcast/storymen/


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