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Aaron talks with Nate and his daughter Kristin about their recent father/daughter trip to Ireland and England.


Nate and Aaron hear about a cool new ministry Caleb and Larry have been working on, which will bring leadership and pastoral mentorship to folks around the world who do not have access to traditional schools and tools.  To find out more, head on over to:  leading-well.com


This Episode's Music:

The Quilty Hornpipe - Skip Henderson

Everyday People - Sly & The Family Stone

Peace of God - Insyderz

Don’t Tell Them Jesus Loves Them - Steve Camp

Plush - Stone Temple Pilots


Nate and Aaron touch base with Kirk Giles, president of Promise Keepers Canada and answer follow-up questions from a past podcast.


Hang out with OP (original pirate) David Bunker as he explores the strange tension we experience in corporate worship and how to discover an authentic emotional experience with our Abba.


Episode 219 * Chad Bird

Ever wondered what a truckin' man thinks about during all that alone time in the cab of his rig? Find out today as Nate and Aaron talk with Chad Bird, author of Night Driving, Notes From a Prodigal Soul.

To find more of Chad's resources, head over to:




Today, Nate and Aaron sit down with Virginia and talk about her life and experiences as an exotic dancer and re-discovering the love of God. 


The extra piratey Nate and Aaron open the mail bag today to talk through listener questions (and piratey suggestions), and then sit down to chat with Bryan Craig of Influencers Global Ministries.  (Yes, they were standing for the first segment.) The Influencers have created a process by which men and women all over the world are experiencing deeper walks as disciples of Jesus Christ. Tune in, get inspired, and head out into the great adventure.

For more information on the Influencers' ministry, check out:




Today Lynn Cherry, the wife of a recovering sex addict, talks about her own process of recovery from denial and anger. Lynn is the author of "Keep Walking: 40 Days to Hope and Freedom after Betrayal," a very helpful resource for anyone on a similar journey. Check out her website:




Today Nate and Aaron, who is sitting next to a river on his phone, get a check in from Michael Cusick about his upcoming Surfing For God Intensive, and have a conversation with David Hampton about his book, After the Miracle. 

To grab a copy of David's book head over to:


And to find out more about Michael's intensive click:




Today the boys sit down with Lisa Eldred, a staff writer with Covenant Eyes, to chat about her new book Hobbies and Habits. Lisa is passionate about helping folks find joy and life during the walk towards sobriety. If you've felt like your struggle against the flesh has been one big dark hole, this week's episode is for you. 

You can download Lisa's book for free at:


and there are many more books available from covenant eyes, including Lisa's book More Than Single at:



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