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Nate and Dr. Tom Moucka call in from their Samson road trip visiting brothers down south. This stop, Don Waller's group in Jackson Mississippi.


Today the boys talk with Tony Kriz about the miraculous gift of story, and the discipline of slowing down enough to engage the one God has put us in.



Song 1: Ben Folds - Zak & Sara

Song 2: Five Iron Frenzy - Solidarity

Song 3:   Ibrahim Ferrer- Compositor Confundido

Song 4: Kyle Matthews - The Way We Go About it Matters

Song 5: Chagall Guevara - It All Comes True


Today Nate & Aaron chat with old friend and Samson OG Scott Phillips about his journey away from home, through the unexpected wilderness and the deep discovery of a Father who loves us. 

You can find Scott's music with his band Good Little Giants at:


The three songs played in the middle breaks of today's episode are from his album, "Arrows."


Today Chad Robichaux, recon marine, mixed martial artist, husband & father, talks about his journey through battle, competition, ptsd and finding how much strength it takes to be a man of God. If you are in the mood for someone boring...skip this episode.

To read more about Chad's program for soldiers, or to order his book, click the link below.



Today Nate & Aaron sit down and chat with CCM artist Matthew Ward and talk about the communal aspects of the Church in the late 60's and 70's when Matthew was singing with his two sisters in the band 2nd Chapter of Acts. They discuss some of the positive and negative aspects of a Church taking seriously the notion of living together as one body, a true community. 


Today Aaron and guest co-host Brian Kay talk with Gary Weyel of Life Water and discuss the greatest killer on the planet. Stay tuned and get informed. If you want to learn more about Life Water, click the link below.


Brian and Aaron also discussed his new album that was released on noisetrade this week. If you'd like to download a free copy, click:



Today Nate & Aaron sit down with their old friend Ken Chester to talk about Ken's "Rez Meals," a purposeful time for believers to meet over the body and blood of Christ and bring their authentic selves. 


Today Nate & Aaron talk to Michael Leahy about his story and the Bravehearts ministry that mentors men from sexual addiction to powerful walks with Jesus. They also dip into the mail bag to answer some of your questions.

To check out Michael's ministry, go to bravehearts.org


Catherine Etherington is an empathetic and articulate mother-of-two from England who has helped hundreds of women come to terms with the news that they have been sleeping with a sex addict. Here's a taste of her wisdom:

Nate: Some Christian women are told that their responsibility towards a repentant spouse (or even an unrepentant one) is to forgive and forget. Is that true? Is it even possible? Are there healthier alternatives that produce healing?


Cat: That is such an important issue and one that we in the church don’t really talk about enough. This whole forgiveness thing puts women under a lot of pressure in the midst of their trauma and confusion and in my opinion it creates a lot of unnecessary guilt on their part.


Music Used on this Episode:

Discover Sam Levine on Spotify


Resources Recommended on this Episode:

Find out more about being coached by Cat here.

A great organization to contact: APSATS, the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists

Your Sexually-Addicted Spouse by Barbara Steffens and Marsha Means

Beyond Betrayal: How God is Healing Women (and Couples) from Infidelity by Lisa Taylor

Cat's blog on Huffington Post.

The Naked Truth Project (UK only)

Note: We apologize for the long delay in the posting of this episode.


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