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Join us and 60 of our fellow pirates for a live conversation during the Samson Recharge weekend. Nate, Aaron and Mondo field questions from the crew of the good ship "We Have No Idea What's Going On."


Today Nate and Aaron sit down and have a conversation with WWE hall of fame wrestler Ted DiBiase about his journey back to his family and faith after he discovered the true price of fame. A documentary on his life and faith journey will be shown November 7th. To find out what theater near you will be showing "The Price of Fame," go to:


and enter your zip code.


Today national speaker Chris Simning shares about lessons he's learned about community through living with a physical dissability and the common threads that holds with every persons soul disabilities. Don't miss this exciting, tantalizing episode of the pirate monk podcast.


The boys tread in deep waters as they talk about social justice and capital punishment with Shane Claiborne. If this sounds too scary for you...don't listen. But we think you should!


Mike talks with the boys about some of the neurological and social reasons we get entrenched in a way of thinking and can't / won't amend our views. This is also summarized as, "why I am a bad listener and only want you to change your mind." All that and more on today's episode of the pirate monk podcast.


Today Jeff Schulte of Tin Man Ministries unpacks some of what he will be teaching on at the Samson Recharge weekend coming up in October, the importance and role of emotions in a man's life. 

If you haven't signed up for the weekend, check it out at:


Nate has also published a new ebook on accountability which can be downloaded for free at:



Pull up a chair, switch on that listening device and get into the back story of the new Movie, The Heart of Man, opening September 14th.  Producer and Writer Jason Pamer tells us a little of what into this movie that searches for the heart of our Abba in the midst of personal struggles and pitfalls.

To find out what city The Heart of Man will be playing in, go to:   http://heartofmanmovie.com/

To watch the theatrical tralor, click:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qJHd17RQeg



Nate and Dr. Tom Moucka call in from their Samson road trip visiting brothers down south. This stop, Don Waller's group in Jackson Mississippi.


Today the boys talk with Tony Kriz about the miraculous gift of story, and the discipline of slowing down enough to engage the one God has put us in.



Song 1: Ben Folds - Zak & Sara

Song 2: Five Iron Frenzy - Solidarity

Song 3:   Ibrahim Ferrer- Compositor Confundido

Song 4: Kyle Matthews - The Way We Go About it Matters

Song 5: Chagall Guevara - It All Comes True


Today Nate & Aaron chat with old friend and Samson OG Scott Phillips about his journey away from home, through the unexpected wilderness and the deep discovery of a Father who loves us. 

You can find Scott's music with his band Good Little Giants at:


The three songs played in the middle breaks of today's episode are from his album, "Arrows."


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