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Our own Renaissance Man, Aaron Porter, takes us on a guided tour of one of his life's great passions—applying the Gospel to the great why questions of our lives. Every week, Aaron coaches several Christ followers on the path to greater understanding of their selves and Abba God using the material in his latest book, Soul Architecture: Building Your Story on a Gospel Foundation. Using the ancient enneagram as a tool and the Scriptures as the roadmap, Aaron helps us understand:
we need more than just a personality inventory that examines behavior
which part of the Body of Christ we function in
what "planet" we are on—how we process our surroundings and interact with others
Our Guest

Aaron Porter 133pxAaron Porter makes coffee mixed with Red Bull look lazy. When he's not being a husband and father, he helps lead Vintage Community, a fellowship of Christ followers in central (San Luis Obispo/Templeton) California. Somehow he finds time to write and perform music locally [download], write books, coach others in Soul Architecture, write engineering reports, and co-host our podcast.

Aaron—despite what you might hear on the podcast—is smart, wise, intuitive, and lives with a driving passion for others to fully understand the power of the gospel in their lives.

Aaron's Books

The Fallen Series, a trilogy of novels

A strange boy in the Arabian desert and the political turmoil of the Parthian empire collide as a group of magi seek to find the balance between a world of power and truth.

Download here.

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Music Used

Since our edition is published on Good Friday of 2016, Mark offers up two of his favorite Resurrection Sunday songs.

World-class guitarist and songwriter, Chris Rodriguez (Michael W. Smith, Keith Urban, Kenny Loggins, Shania Twain) penned this plaintive song about Mary Magdalene.


Purchase the music from Amazon or iTunes.

Matt Maher performs his contemporary classic "Christ is Risen".


Buy the music from iTunes

Scripture Used

Links Related to Soul Architecture

The Enneagram inventory Aaron recommends is the Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales. Take the inventory by clicking here. (Reminder: the inventory takes at least 40 minutes to complete and costs $10.)

The authors Aaron appreciates most on the topic are Riso and Hudson of The Enneagram Institute.

Richard Rohr's book, The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective, is available here.

Aaron mentioned the importance of the first 100 pages of Watchmen Nee's book, The Normal Christian Life. You can buy it from here.

To go deeper into Soul Architecture through coaching from Vintage Community, click here. (Reminder: space is very limited)

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