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You asked for it. We delivered.

One of the most commonly asked for additions to the podcast line up is: "Can we hear from other Pirate Monks?" Today on the podcast, we sit down with two Samson brothers who have never met Nate.

Paul Maxwell (@paulcmaxwell) is a PhD student at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and philosophy professor at Moody Bible Institute. He writes more at his blog, and pretends to like coffee. Paul wrote the article "Seven Things to Do After Watching Pornography" for Desiring God and included a shout out to Samson Society.

He was first invited to Samson Society by his friend Ryan Gibson. Ryan started his professional life in ministry as a youth minister. He received an undergrad in theology and pursued an MDiv at Westminster Seminary where he met Paul Maxwell. He didn't complete his MDiv, instead pursuing a new career in web development and has been doing that for the past five years. He has done a lot of traveling since then, starting or joining Samson Society groups in each new location. He's currently living in Fishers, Ind. with his wife and two kids. He is currently meeting with other brothers in the local Fishers Samson Society group which meets at Christ's Community Church on the corner of 131st and Allisonville Rd. Most importantly, though, is that he's a diehard Cubs fan and doesn't miss a game.

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