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REGISTRATION OPEN until July 31: "After the Miracle: Building a Life of Positive Sobriety", the Samson Society National Retreat, is scheduled for August 19–21, 2016. Click here for more details and to register. As of 7/6/16, only 33 spaces remain.

We launch this podcast with an emotions check-in with Nate, Newton, and Mark.

The heart of the episode circles around a recent experience Mark encountered. At a recent meeting, two men discussed their dissatisfaction with their Samson Society journey. Upon further discussion, everyone in the circle agreed that sometimes every Pirate Monk can get stuck early on The Path. We go to (some) meetings, we choose a Silas that we call (rarely), but steps three through seven elude us. How does a willing man face his journey and make progress.

Nate talks about a book he's reading:

We discussed a tried and true way to undergo a fearless (or courageous) moral inventory:
Take a look at the four horsemen:
  Anger (or Shame)
Music on this Episode:

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