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First, a discussion of Nate's blog about Ravi Zacharias (https://natelarkin.net/ravi-and-me/) and some feedback he has received.  Then, an interview with Bonny Burns - podcaster, coach and member of the leadership team for the Sarah Society - the sister organization which has grown out of a group of women impacted by the choices of Samson Society guys.  Topics include healthy sexual intimacy, Bonny's experience as a betrayed spouse going through D-Day, the continuing quest toward community and intimacy, building trust and empathy.

"Sex is neither the cause of this addiction or the cure."

"Sexual intimacy is for me too and I have just as much voice in the bedroom as he does."

"Boundaries are to keep me safe, not to punish him."

To connect with Bonny:

www.strongwives.com (coaching support/resources)
www.forchristianwives.com (Sex Chat for Christian Wives podcast)
www.oysterbed7.com (blog)


The music on this podcast is contributed by members of the Samson Society.

For more information on this ministry, please visit samsonsociety.com.

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